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photo: James Ewing
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Monday, April 23, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.
Zipper Concert Hall at the Colburn School
A Percussionist’s Art
The late Aldo Clementi, master of the mystery and magic of highly systematic music, is celebrated close to the first anniversary of his death. L'orologio di Arcevia, a spellbinding piece of elaborate clockwork for tuned percussion instruments, is paired with his Madrigale, for piano and tape. Lachenmann’s astonishing percussion solo Intérieur I and Kurt Schwitters’ celebrated but rarely performed Ur Sonata, or grandfather of all sonatas, complete the program. Ace percussionist Steven Schick is the featured performer, turning himself inside out for the untamed vocalizations of the Schwitters classic.
Helmut Lachenmann Intérieur I
Kurt Schwitters Ur Sonata
Aldo Clementi Madrigale
Aldo Clementi L'orologio di Arcevia
United States Premiere
Steven Schick percussion, voice and conductor
Ross Karre video design
Shahrokh Yadegari electronics
red fish blue fish percussion ensemble